Emerge wall pockets are slip-cast wall pieces inspired by ordinary objects, such as vases and bowls, that have been altered to enhance the beauty of their form.

Each piece in the series was slip-cast in a high-fire white stoneware. The surface features a light, satin glaze to preserve the objects' muted form without the distraction of color, texture, or sheen. 


Tall Vase: 5-1/2” W x 2-5/8” D x 11" H
Short Vase: 6” W x 2-5/8” D x 10" H
Bowl: 7” W x 3-5/8” D x 4” H
Flower Pot: 5” W x 2-1/2" D x 6-1/4” H

White stoneware, satin glaze


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