By promoting and inviting non-traditional seated positions, Idle satisfies the desire to lean, slouch, or curl-up in an unorthodoxly configured lounge chair. 



      Each upholstered piece of Idle gently curves over separated arms and back, creating a comfortable sanctuary within the external wooden structure. A gap between the pillowy forms just above the seat is designed to create a perfectly sized space for the end of a foot to poke through, ideal when sitting in certain positions. The use of one lowered armrest as well as a little extra width gives a particular flexibility within the chair where one or both legs may be effortlessly flung over the side, folded in the center, or comfortably tucked underneath.



      Through ideation, various configurations and methods of achieving this concept were explored along with aesthetic considerations.



      After deciding on a final concept and resolving Idle’s proportions and method of production through computer modeling, the wooden frame was built from ash. Large pieces of cardboard were used to visualize the approximate size and shape of each upholstered piece and how they would be constructed.

Idle Construction.jpg