Peel is a cabinet with a unique door opening system designed to challenge the way we traditionally interact with furniture in an exciting and satisfying manner. 



      A delightful, tactile experience is created as the door to this storage unit unexpectedly peels open rather than swinging on a conventional hinge. The body, constructed from white oak, sits on a lightly brushed, stainless steel base. Seven angular sections laminated onto a heavy canvas create the reverse effect of a tambour door, which is held in place by a series of neodymium magnets embedded into the piece. 



     The project's concept came from the consideration of surfaces. How can a surface become something unexpected? What would it feel like should it bend and break? And how can this become a functional object?

Peel Prototype Sequence.jpg


     Before constructing the final piece, a rough, proof-of-concept prototype was built using plywood. Fabrication processes and proportions were established through this exercise.