Tilt is a flat-pack stool with understated style and a playful secret. Angled facets on the bottom edges allow the user to wobble, lean or even spin. The motion is engaging, creating a sense of uncertainty that is unexpectedly gratifying.



    Through the concept of active sitting, Tilt challenges the user to sit upright and support themselves with better posture. The inherent wobble means the user must be cognizant of their balance, engaging them in the act of sitting. The subtle two-stage facets on each leg allow the user to safely tip, lean or reach as they see fit. The facets intersect at a peak, enabling the well balanced user to twist or spin with ease.

      Tilt packs flat for easy storage and shipping, then assembles in seconds without the use of fasteners or tools. The leg frames slide together and intersect for a secure fit. The seat is placed on top and two small wooden latches, hidden underneath the seat, lock the parts together to complete the assembly



      Splashes of accent colors hint at the object’s playful nature while giving each piece its own personality. 


      Each feature has been carefully designed with Baltic birch plywood for CNC fabrication, utilizing minimal secondary processes to create a scale-able and affordable product. 



      Inspiration for Tilt came one day from the subtle pleasure of sitting in an old, Thonet chair with uneven legs. In contemplating how to change the archetype of a stool, the comforting and addictive affect of swaying back and forth was identified. This moment of discovery led to the final concept which was developed through several rounds of sketching, physical models, and full-scale prototypes.